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The first major mines in Australia were located in SA in the 1840s (commencing in 1841 with the discovery and subsequent underground development of silver-lead lodes at Glen Osmond).  Mining helped avert a number of financial crises faced by the State in its development.

The discovery of copper at Kapunda in 1844, Burra in 1845, Wallaroo in 1859 and Moonta in 1861 began an era of economic prosperity which continued for over 50 years during which South Australia lead the world in the production of copper.  Cornish miners and their families who emigrated to work these deposits gave South Australia a rich cultural heritage of Cornish humour and customs which are still recognised today.

SA miners took their skills to all parts of Australia, to the goldmines of Victoria, to Broken Hill and to Kalgoorlie.  There is a proud record of technological inventiveness in mining, and for many years SA was a major centre of investment in the mining industry.  South Australia’s mining industry continues to play a major role in the social and economic development of the State.

The South Australian Mining History website was created in 2013 to provide a forum for the exchange of information about the State’s mining past.  The aim is to develop, sustain and evolve the story of the contribution of mining to the State’s economic and social development, and to assist in the ongoing interpretation and presentation of this story to the community.

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